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Wordpress Security

Your Ultimate Value:
Feature-Rich Website Security


Basic security for one website. Includes daily malware scans, firewall, site monitoring, and SSL certificate.

  • Protects one website.
  • 1x website cleanup & repair, annually.
  • Firewall to help prevent future attacks.
  • SSL certificate included in firewall.
  • Daily malware scanning.
  • Continuous site monitoring with daily alerts and updates.


Includes daily backups, DDoS, CDN boost, SSL certificate, more. For websites that need extra attention to security issues.

  • Protects one website.
  • 5x website cleanup & repair, annually.
  • 25 GB of secure daily backup.
  • DDoS protection, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) speed boost.
  • Firewall to help prevent future attacks.
  • SSL certificate included in firewall.
  • Daily malware scanning.
  • Continuous site monitoring with daily alerts and updates.


Our most comprehensive plan. Ideal for business and ecommerce sites seeking priority support and the fastest malware removal turnaround.

  • Protects one website.
  • Priority Support. We clean your website in less than 8 hours.*
  • Unlimited website cleanup and repair.
  • Unlimited storage space, secure daily backup.
  • DDoS protection, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) speed boost.
  • Firewall to help prevent future attacks.
  • SSL certificate included in firewall.
  • Daily malware scanning.
  • Continuous site monitoring with daily alerts and updates.

What is website security?

Website Security offers user-friendly tools designed to safeguard your site against prevalent security risks. Given that your website serves as the focal point of your business, brand, and the incredible offerings you bring to the world, it warrants comprehensive security measures to ensure its protection.

Our services for WordPress maintenance and security guarantee uninterrupted and effective backup solutions, maintaining your site’s currency, security, and optimal performance. Through diligent proactive measures, routine updates, and vigilant monitoring, we strive to enhance the efficiency of your platform continuously.

Why is WordPress security important?

Hackers don’t discriminate based on whether a website belongs to a large corporation or a small business—they target indiscriminately. The ramifications of a successful hack can be severe for any business, regardless of size. A hacked website risks suspension by the web host or even by Google, hampering SEO efforts and blocking most visitors from accessing it. Moreover, hacked websites can significantly tarnish the user’s brand perception.

Regular Security Patches and Updates

Focusing exclusively on WordPress security, our specialized service provides an all-encompassing package comprising routine maintenance, updates, backups, and technical assistance. Our proactive commitment is to sustain the uninterrupted and seamless operation of your website.

Centered on bolstering security, we employ advanced techniques to fortify your platform. Through consistent updates and stringent security protocols, we ensure comprehensive protection against potential threats. Regular backups are conducted to safeguard your critical data, while our prompt and efficient technical support swiftly addresses any encountered issues.

Bot Protection

Bot Protection and Monitoring

With 24/7 real-time monitoring, you can enjoy complete peace of mind while watching your business grow.


Dedicated Server Level Firewall

Our WAF give you complete protection against disruption to your website and business.



On-demand or automated backups ensure your website is always safe and secure.


Free 1-Click SSL

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates come built-in for free to fulfill all your HTTPS security requirements.

Wordpress Security

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Website Security to Visitors

Every website security plan incorporates an SSL Certificate, bundled with our Web Application Firewall (WAF), enabling your site to deliver HTTPS encryption. This reassures visitors of your site’s reliability and ensures that any data exchanged with your site remains encrypted, thereby safeguarding it against snooping or exploitation.

Our WAF is engineered to intercept and scrutinize incoming data, effectively neutralizing malicious code associated with security threats such as SQL injections and DDoS attacks. Additionally, our Content Delivery Network (CDN) offers enhanced protection against DDoS attacks by limiting access to your site’s primary server.

Secure Your Site: Prevent Attacks and Resolve Malware Issues

Adopt a proactive, preemptive strategy to safeguard your website. The Website Security firewall effectively obstructs attacks on your site, while its malware scanner conducts regular searches for malicious content, promptly alerting you to any detected threats.

Malware Scan

Increased speed — coupled with encrypted data — boosts search rankings.

Google heavily favors SSL-protected encrypted sites and pushes them higher in search rankings than those without, helping your business become more visible to new potential customers. And not only does our Content Delivery Network (CDN) help protect your site from DDoS attacks, but it also boosts your site’s load time by up to 50% by putting your content on multiple servers around the world, so it’s always close to your customers.

Google Analytics
SEO Search Rankings

Website backup with one-click restore.

With Advanced and Premium Plans, get daily, automatic backups** of your website. One-click restore lets you reinstate a clean version of your website with just a single click.


Take your WordPress security to its maximum potential.

Up to Date
WordPress (CMS) & Plugins

We ensures WordPress (CMS) as well as all plug-ins are kept up to date and compatible with your WordPress website.

Automatic Daily Backups and Optimization

We offer a comprehensive service that includes regular maintenance, updates, backups, and technical support. 

High Security
Real-Time Protection

Our maintenance plans provide you with protection against malware and hack attacks. 


If I have an SSL Certificate, do I still need Website Security?

Yes — while an SSL certificate encrypts data being transmitted to and from your website, it doesn’t protect your site from other vulnerabilities, such as malware, SQL injections or DDoS attacks. By utilizing both an SSL and Website Security, you are taking steps to help protect more aspects of your site.

How does a Web Application Firewall (WAF) secure my site?

A WAF is a cloud-based firewall service that screens and helps protect your real-time website traffic from threats like SQL injection attacks (malicious data that essentially tricks your site into doing something it shouldn’t) and DDoS attacks (crashes your site by overwhelming it with a flood of automated traffic). WAF only takes a few minutes to set up and is the front-line defense for your site in between Website Security scans.

How does the Content Delivery Network (CDN) speed up my site?

A CDN is a network of servers around the world that deploy dynamic and static caching so that all content will render quickly and reliably. For example, if someone in Japan visits your site that’s hosted in the US, it’ll load just as quickly as a website hosted in Japan.

How often does website security scan my site for malware?

Depending on your Website Security Suites plan, you can choose from a 30-minute, 12-hour or once-a-day security monitoring and scan frequency. If any malware is found, you’ll be notified immediately.

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